Forever Students

Yoga teacher training complete!!! Well, thank you! But now the work really begins; how to use all the knowledge I’ve gained to continue to further my practice both on and off the mat.

This reminds me of when I talk to my patients about weight loss. Sometimes the easy part is actual the losing. Yes – you read that right! You get into a rhythm, you are very focused, and the weight comes off. But then you reach your goal – YAY!! So now what? It’s NOW that the work really begins. Maintaining is the hardest part. Taking all that you learned and worked so hard for and putting it to daily use in the real world. It isn’t easy, but definitely doable. Along the way you will stumble, but you will learn what works and what doesn’t.

Truth is – we really are all forever students.

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • Keri’s Kitchen: Pasta Please!!!
  • 8 Sweet Snacks That Help You Lose Weight
  • 6 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Trying To Lose Weight

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Keri’s Kitchen: Pasta Please!!!

So many people I know still can’t get over that I eat pasta on a regular basis. For the record: Pasta is not “fattening” !! It’s what you put on it and how much of it you actually eat that makes the difference!!! PORTION CONTROL – two words that mean SO much!!! Whenever I cook pasta at home, I make sure to add LOTS of veggies. Here’s what I did last night:

  1. Sauteed chopped garlic (@ 2 cloves), sliced Brussels sprouts (about 10?) and sliced shitake mushrooms (3 large) with a little algae oil (neutral flavor/high smoke point) in skillet (maybe I used 2 TBSP). Salt and pepper.
  2. Added water from the pot of cooking pasta into skillet as needed so veggies don’t dry out and I don’t need to add more oil.  This water is a little starchy which helps make a good “sauce”.
  3. Added @ 1/2 cup of cannellini beans (normally would add some of the water from the beans but these were leftovers), full can of artichoke hearts (cut in small pieces,  just the hearts – not the leaves) @ 1/3 cup of peas and parmesan cheese (4 TBSP?) when other veggies almost cooked.
  4. Finally tossed in cooked pasta (less than half a box) and mixed all together.
  5. Served me, hubby and had leftovers!!!!

Note: I don’t really measure so sorry for all the “@” and “?” !!!

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8 Sweet Snacks That Help You Lose Weight

I sometimes have to laugh at headlines! There is NO definite anything that is going to help you lose weight; however, there are many things that MAY help. OK – so maybe this comes down to semantics. In any event, I do love the roundup that Prevention Magazine put together with some ideas from yours truly. In full disclosure, I am in partnership with KIND; but honestly, would recommend their bars even if I wasn’t!!

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6 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Trying To Lose Weight

You probably know someone who always says the wrong thing!! Am I right? In my family, it’s probably going to be my mom. She definitely means well, but maybe nine out of ten times she should of kept her thoughts to herself! (I love you Mom!!) SO appreciate this interview from Fox News on things never to say to someone who is trying to lose weight. There is probably more than six, but who’s counting?