ALL Veggies Matter!

The other day a new patient of mine confessed that they did not like veggies. OMG I thought, how can that be? But alas, that wasn’t the first time I heard this. And it also won’t be the last time I said, “Really? No veggies at all?”. And than the conversation starts to turn. This patient then admitted that they like carrots, canned peas and corn, and iceberg lettuce. Wait a minute, those are veggies!!!

You see, just because you might not like kale, spinach or Brussels sprouts (even though that is just crazy), there might actually be some veggies you do like. I for one, never judge and encourage all my patients to eat ANY veggie they enjoy. I have also found out that sometimes it is simply the way the veggies are prepared. For example, roasting and grilling veggies usually trumps steamed for many people.

There is never only one size fits all. Eat your veggies, any which one of them, and also don’t be afraid to try a new way of preparing them!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

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Photo by me

Not sure when my love affair with Caesar salad started, but I do know I was late to the party. Truthfully I was always a simple mixed green salad lover and then one day it happened – I found myself with another salad! You always hear nutritionists saying that creamy dressings are a no, no – especially if you are trying to lose weight. But here’s the thing – they are right, and they are also wrong.

You can enjoy a creamy dressing, if you watch your portion size. As you can see from my picture above, my dressing is on the side. This salad though also happens to be a half order of which I split with my hubby. However, that is usually not the case. The dressing came with a small spoon and I drizzled around 2 spoonfuls on my salad. I am also a big fan of the fork method; in other words, dip fork in dressing then onto lettuce, than into mouth! Dressing in every bite.

P.S. I did NOT eat the very large crouton – but I did drink all of the martini.

Photo by me

12 Easy Swaps That Will Help You Lose Weight

Never get tired of being interviewed on small changes. What a coincidence that I wrote a book about them!! Anyway, thanks to Men’s Health for asking me to chime in. Funny though – I talk about salad dressings and don’t even mention Caesar! Hmmm? 🙂

Photo by me

The 3 Best Salads On Pinterest That Can Help You Lose Weight

So the salad pic above is not one of the ones I was asked about. Maybe, I should start posting more on Pinterest? Ha! In any event, read this article on Women’s Health that I was interviewed for and find out some of our picks! But remember we are not rabbits and our salads should have protein on them if you are eating them as a meal. Otherwise, hunger will strike sooner than later!