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Do you know what tomorrow is????? Probably my most favorite time of year. It’s the first day of summer! I am very grateful that I get to spend a lot of time in the Hamptons during the summer months. Yoga in the vineyards, kayaking in the bay and the many local farmer’s markets are just a few of the wonderful things I get to enjoy. Corn on the cob, steamers, burgers on the grill and sunsets, with a martini in hand of course, never gets old. So cheers to summer, let’s make this the best one yet!

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • What Gives With Blood Glucose and Sucralose? The Science Says…
  • How To Survive a Barbecue When You’re The Only One Trying To Eat Healthy
  • Burgers and ice cream are healthier than you think.

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What Gives With Blood Glucose and Sucralose? The Science Says…

I like to keep my head sane and would like to think my yoga mat does an excellent job of keeping me there. But, when misinformation and frankly, flat out myths, make it to my patients related to NLCS (no and low calorie sweeteners) like sucralose (the sweetening ingredient in original SPLENDA® Sweeteners) and blood sugar levels, I get a little crazy. I’m here to set the record straight: the collective body of evidence shows sucralose doesn’t impact blood sugar control.

Here is more on what the evidence says on this topic. I keep beating this drum over and over again (because I’m so passionate about accurate nutritional information!) and hope the rest of the band comes to play soon. I know one player is beating just as loud as I am – good science – so thanks for keeping a beat and keeping me sane (sorry yoga mat, I still love you!).

I am a paid spokesperson for SPLENDA® Brand Sweeteners. Opinions are my own.

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How To Survive a Barbecue When You’re the Only One Trying To Eat Healthy – U.S. News Eat + Run
Ever go to someone else’s barbecue and wonder to yourself how everyone seems to not care about what they are putting in their mouths? It’s 2017 people…..we care about our health, didn’t they get the memo?! OK, maybe I am slightly exaggerating being a nutritionist and all, but really? Anyway, read my recent blog from U.S. News to find out ways to survive a barbecue if there might not be any healthy fare to speak of.

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Burgers and ice cream are healthier than you think – NY Post
You can’t always judge a book by it cover. There are times you think you know the best choice, come on a salad has to always be the better choice, right? But, NO. Sometimes you are actually better off choosing the opposite. Ohhhh, when did eating healthy become as difficult as a crossword puzzle? Read on……