YOU Choose!

The other day some one said to me: “You can’t really eat all the food you post on Instagram!!!” My reply: “You bet I can!” Who ever said you can’t eat bagels, french fries, and pizza and still maintain a healthy body weight? I most certainly have never muttered those words. But yes — I am not making poor food choices ALL the time.

The meals I make at  home I try to keep them very balanced: one quarter plate a protein (such as beans, fish, or lean red meat), one quarter plate a carbohydrate (such as barley, baked potato, or pasta), and the remaining half – VEGGIES. And I always start with a salad. So this way when I go out to eat if the fries call my name I can answer! But even then I decide what is most important to me — the fries or the bun with the burger? Hey, if I rarely dined out, then I would say why not have both – but truth is I dine out way too often for that luxury. So I choose!!!

I love bread – but I love a bagel way more than a hamburger bun and can easily enjoy one for lunch without smothering it with cream cheese. Avocado anyone? Once again I choose. You see, it really all comes down to choices. What you see on Instagram is not everything I eat….or for that matter what mostly anyone else is eating on a regular basis. It is a snapshot into my (their) life, but not it’s entirety.

In this week’s The Keri Report:

  • Motivational Quote of the Week
  • How To Snack Like A Nutritionist When You Travel
  • 8 Snacks That Will Give You An Energy Boost


Motivational Quote of the Day

I just LOVE this quote on so many levels. And trust me this is coming from someone who has definitely dropped their cell phone one too many times!!! Just because you had ______ (fill in the blank) doesn’t mean the rest of the day, week, or even month needs to go to he**. One poor choice does not need to lead to many more! So, let’s try and keeps things in perspective, please!


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How To Snack Like A Nutritionist When You Travel

Ahhhh, if only I was going on a trip!!!! Thanks to my nutritionist pal, Patricia Bannan, for putting this great list of snacks together on Livestrong. Obviously you do not need to be only going on a trip to eat them, they can easily be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Just saying!!!!

p.s. Full disclosure: Mini Babybel is a client of mine; however, I was not paid for this post. I purely mentioned them because I truly recommend them!


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8 Snacks That Will Give You An Energy Boost

Not sure I would consider all the foods mentioned in this article as “snacks” however I would definitely recommend them all to be part of your diet. I will also add that there is NO guarantee of any energy boost, but it doesn’t hurt to try. None the less thanks to Muscle & Fitness for including my tips!!!